Alison Leary is an independent healthcare consultant & researcher. Based in London but working on projects worldwide she has been commissioned by the UK National Health Service and other government, commercial, statutory and charitable sectors. Alison has also worked on numerous academic collaborations.

Alison’s interests are in the modelling of complex systems, data mining and pattern recognition. This includes workforce modelling in healthcare and economic cost benefit analysis. Much of her work in this area in defining specialist practice including areas such as admission avoidance. In partnership with NHS Innovations Alison developed the SQL database Pandora which articulates the work of the clinical nurse specialists and the portable dataset Cassandra which can be used for rapid work sampling.
Alison’s educational work includes the IQ Star and other educational programmes and workshops which help specialists from many professions articulate their contribution to healthcare. Alison has presented as an invited speaker at over 400 meetings or events in the last four years.

Alison’s clinical and research interests include pre-hospital and immediate care, thoracic surgical and oncology research and cancer nursing practice. Alison’s academic background is extensive and spans natural sciences, nursing and medicine. She holds three first and three post graduate degrees. Alison remains in part time clinical practice within the NHS and holds an honorary academic appointment at Kings College London.